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Last updated: July 19, 2024

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  • Chunping Hu, Osamu Sugino, Yoshitaka Tateyama. All-electron calculation of nonadiabatic couplings from time-dependent density functional theory: Probing with the Hartree–Fock exact exchange. The Journal of Chemical Physics. 131 [11] (2009) 114101 10.1063/1.3226344
  • Mitsutake Oshikiri, Mauro Boero, Akiyuki Matsushita, Jinhua Ye. Water adsorption onto Y and V sites at the surface of the YVO4 photocatalyst and related electronic properties. The Journal of Chemical Physics. 131 [3] (2009) 034701 10.1063/1.3170928
  • Hui-Meng Lu, Da-Chuan Yin, Hai-Sheng Li, Li-Qiang Geng, Chen-Yan Zhang, Qin-Qin Lu, Yun-Zhu Guo, Wei-Hong Guo, Peng Shang, Nobuko I. Wakayama. A containerless levitation setup for liquid processing in a superconducting magnet. Review of Scientific Instruments. 79 [9] (2008) 093903 10.1063/1.2980383
  • Mitsutake Oshikiri, Mauro Boero, Jinhua Ye, Zhigang Zou, Giyuu Kido. Electronic structures of promising photocatalysts InMO4 (M=V, Nb, Ta) and BiVO4 for water decomposition in the visible wavelength region. The Journal of Chemical Physics. 117 [15] (2002) 7313-7318 10.1063/1.1507101
  • S. Shimokawa, A. Namiki, M. N.-Gamo, T. Ando. Temperature dependence of atomic hydrogen-induced surface processes on Ge(100): Thermal desorption, abstraction, and collision-induced desorption. The Journal of Chemical Physics. 113 [16] (2000) 6916-6925 10.1063/1.1311783
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