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論文の分野はトムソン・ロイター社のESI分類を参考に分類し(Materials Science, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Biology)、ほか発表文献タイトル・抄録などから2006年以降刊行の論文検索を行うことができます。


  1. JOURNAL OF THE VACUUM SOCIETY OF JAPAN. 57[8] (2014) 295-298
    鴻野健太郎, 有賀寛子, 高草木 達, 大谷茂樹, 朝倉 清高
  3. J. Mater. Chem. C. 2[44] (2014) 9331-9341
    Stimuli-Responsive Metallo-Supramolecular Polymer Films: Design Synthesis and Device Fabrication
  4. Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology. 89[7] (2014) 963-968
    Preparation of a zeolite NaP1/hydroxyapatite nanocomposite and study of its behavior as inorganic fertilizer
    Watanabe, Y; Yamada, H; Ikoma, T; Tanaka, J; Stevens, GW; Komatsu, Y
  5. 生体模倣技術と新材料・新製品開発への応用. (2014) 359-364
  6. 生物模倣技術と新材料・新製品開発への応用. (2014) 5-10
  7. European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry. 55[7] (2014) 1097-1103
    Isotope Effect of Thermopower in the TTFCOONH3Ph Single Crystal
    Kobayashi, Y; Sumi, S; Terauchi, T; Iwai, H; Tanaka, A; Matsushita, Y; Sato, A
  8. Cryogenics. 62 (2014) 185-192
    Magnetic refrigerator for hydrogen liquefaction
    Numazawa, T; Kamiya, K; Utaki, T; Matsumoto, K
  9. Particle & Particle Systems Characterization. 31[7] (2014) 757-762
    Triple-Yolked ZnO/CdS Hollow Spheres for Semiconductor-Sensitized Solar Cells
    Wang, X; Chen, ZH; Liu, DQ; Tian, W; Wang, Q; Zhang, C; Liu, JW; Han, LY; Bando, Y; Golberg, D
  10. Review of Scientific Instruments. 85[7] (2014) 075116
    Ultrahigh vacuum and low-temperature cleaning of oxide surfaces using a low-concentration ozone beam
    Pratt, A; Graziosi, P; Bergenti, I; Prezioso, M; Dediu, A; Yamauchi, Y
  11. Thin Solid Films. 562 (2014) 467-470
    Control of molecular orientation and morphology in organic bilayer solar cells: Copper phthalocyanine on gold nanodots
    Sasaki, T; Tabata, K; Tsukagoshi, K; Beckel, A; Lorke, A; Yamamoto, Y
  12. Thin Solid Films. 562 (2014) 485-489
    Highly conductive epitaxial ZnO layers deposited by atomic layer deposition
    Baji, Z; Labadi, Z; Molnar, G; Pecz, B; Vad, K; Horvath, ZE; Szabo, PJ; Nagata, T; Volk, J
  13. International Journal of Molecular Sciences. 15[7] (2014) 13123-13134
    Crosslinking Liposomes/Cells Using Cholesteryl Group-Modified Tilapia Gelatin
    Taguchi, T; Endo, Y
  14. Applied Physics Express. 7[7] (2014) 073101
    Carrier flow and nonequilibrium superconductivity in superconductor-based LEDs
    Inoue, R; Takayanagi, H; Akazaki, T; Tanaka, K; Sasakura, H; Suemune, I
  15. Applied Physics Express. 7[7] (2014) 071203
    BaSi as a promising low-cost, earth-abundant material with large optical activity for thin-film solar cells: A hybrid density functional study
    Kumar, M; Umezawa, N; Imai, M
  16. Applied Physics Express. 7[7] (2014) 073102
    Synthesis and physical properties of CaLa-Gd
    Sala, A; Yakita, H; Ogino, H; Okada, T; Yamamoto, A; Kishio, K; Ishida, S; Iyo, A; Eisaki, H; Fujioka, M; Takano, Y; Putti, M; Shimoyama, J
  17. Japanese Journal of Applied Physics. 53[7] (2014) 071301
    Comparison of slicing-induced damage in hexagonal SiC by wire sawing with loose abrasive, wire sawing with fixed abrasive, and electric discharge machining
    Ishikawa, Y; Yao, YZ; Sugawara, Y; Sato, K; Okamoto, Y; Hayashi, N; Dierre, B; Watanabe, K; Sekiguchi, T
  18. Journal of Veterinary Medical Science. 76[7] (2014) 955-961
    Bone Regeneration by the Combined Use of Tetrapod-Shaped Calcium Phosphate Granules with Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor-Binding Ion Complex Gel in Canine Segmental Radial Defects
    Honnami, M; Choi, SJ; Liu, IL; Kamimura, W; Taguchi, T; Hojo, H; Shimohata, N; Ohba, S; Koyama, H; Nishimura, R; Chung, UI; Sasaki, N; Mochizuki, M
  19. Acs Nano. 8[7] (2014) 6516-6519
    Cubic Lattice Nanosheets: Thickness-Driven Light Emission
    Golberg, D; Zhang, C; Xu, Z
  20. Acs Nano. 8[7] (2014) 7078-7087
    MoS2/Graphene Cocatalyst for Efficient Photocatalytic H-2 Evolution under Visible Light Irradiation
    Chang, K; Mei, ZW; Wang, T; Kang, Q; Ouyang, SX; Ye, JH
  21. Angewandte Chemie - International Edition. 53[28] (2014) 7173-7178
    Thermally Driven Polymorphic Transition Prompting a Naked-Eye-Detectable Bending and Straightening Motion of Single Crystals
    Shima, T; Muraoka, T; Hoshino, N; Akutagawa, T; Kobayashi, Y; Kinbara, K
  22. Journal of The Physical Society of Japan. 83[7] (2014) 072001
    Fermi Surface Properties, Metamagnetic Transition and Quantum Phase Transition of CeRu2Si2 and Its Alloys Probed by the dHvA Effect
    Aoki, H; Kimura, N; Terashima, T
  23. Journal of The Physical Society of Japan. 83[7] (2014) 074703
    Negative Exchange Bias in Polycrystalline Hexagonal ScMnO3, InMnO3, YMnO3, 4H-SrMnO3, and 6H-SrMnO3 and Perovskite YMnO3: Effects of Impurities
    Belik, AA
  24. Journal of The Physical Society of Japan. 83[7] (2014) 074711
    Absence of Metallic Conductivity in Tetragonal and Cubic PbVO3 at High Pressure
    Belik, AA; Yamauchi, T; Ueda, H; Ueda, Y; Yusa, H; Hirao, N; Azuma, M
  25. Journal of The Physical Society of Japan. 83[7] (2014) 074712
    Spin-Singlet Ground State of Two-Dimensional Quantum Spin Antiferromagnet (CuCl)Ca2Nb3O10
    Tsujimoto, Y; Kitada, A; Nishi, M; Narumi, Y; Kindo, K; Goko, T; Uemura, YJ; Aczel, AA; Williams, TJ; Luke, GM; Ajiro, Y; Kageyama, H
  26. Nature Physics. 10[7] (2014) 525-529
    Hierarchy of Hofstadter states and replica quantum Hall ferromagnetism in graphene superlattices
    Yu, GL; Gorbachev, RV; Tu, JS; Kretinin, AV; Cao, Y; Jalil, R; Withers, F; Ponomarenko, LA; Piot, BA; Potemski, M; Elias, DC; Chen, X; Watanabe, K; Taniguchi, T; Grigorieva, IV; Novoselov, KS; Fal'ko, VI; Geim, AK; Mishchenko, A
  27. Chemistry - A European Journal. 20[27] (2014) 8483-8487
    Hierarchically Structured ZnO Nanorods as an Efficient Photoanode for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
    Peng, WQ; Han, LY; Wang, ZM
  28. Electrochimica Acta. 133 (2014) 570-577
    Tuning three-dimensional TiO2 nanotube electrode to achieve high utilization of Ti substrate for lithium storage
    Zhang, ZJ; Zeng, QY; Chou, SL; Li, XJ; Li, HJ; Ozawa, K; Liu, HK; Wang, JZ
  29. Materials Science and Engineering A - Structural Materials Properties Microstructure and Processing. 608 (2014) 95-100
    Creep deformation of a sixth generation Ni-base single crystal superalloy at 800 degrees C
    Yuan, Y; Kawagishi, K; Koizumi, Y; Kobayashi, T; Yokokawa, T; Harada, H
  30. Science of Advanced Materials. 6[7] (2014) 1394-1398
    The Unusual Resistivity Behavior and Correlated Magnetic Properties of Antiperovskite Mn(3)Ag1-xM(x)N (M = Sn, Zn) Compounds
    Sun, Y; Guo, YF; Li, J; Wang, C; Wang, X; Sathish, CI; Yamaura, K
  31. Science of Advanced Materials. 6[7] (2014) 1562-1568
    Toll-Like Receptor 4 is Involved in Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticle Incorporation Into Cells
    Mano, SS; Kanehira, K; Sonezaki, S; Taniguchi, A
  32. Advances In Colloid and Interface Science. 209 (2014) 98-108
    Supramolecular gels from lipopeptide gelators: Template improvement and strategies for the in-situ preparation of inorganic nanomaterials and for the dispersion of carbon nanomaterials
    Delbecq, F
  33. American Mineralogist. 99[7] (2014) 1265-1269
    Formation of SiH4 and H2O by the dissolution of quartz in H-2 fluid under high pressure and temperature
    Shinozaki, A; Kagi, H; Noguchi, N; Hirai, H; Ohfuji, H; Okada, T; Nakano, S; Yagi, T
  34. Chemistry - An Asian Journal. 9[7] (2014) 1782-1785
    Disilanyl Double-Pillared Bisternaphthyl ((DPBT)-D-Si): Synthesis and Interfused Packing Structures with Herringbone and pi-Stack Motifs
    Nakanishi, W; Matsuyama, N; Hara, D; Saeki, A; Hitosugi, S; Seki, S; Isobe, H
  35. Composites Part A - Applied Science and Manufacturing. 62 (2014) 32-38
    Tensile mechanical properties of carbon nanotube/epoxy composite fabricated by pultrusion of carbon nanotube spun yarn preform
    Shimamura, Y; Oshima, K; Tohgo, K; Fujii, T; Shirasu, K; Yamamoto, G; Hashida, T; Goto, K; Ogasawara, T; Naito, K; Nakano, T; Inoue, Y
  36. Solid State Communications. 190 (2014) 28-32
    Effective preparation of graphite nanoparticles using mechanochemical solid-state reactions
    Motozuka, S; Tagaya, M; Ogawa, N; Fukui, K; Nishikawa, M; Shiba, K; Uehara, T; Kobayashi, T
  37. Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology. 89[7] (2014) 963-968
    Preparation of a zeolite NaP1/hydroxyapatite nanocomposite and study of its behavior as inorganic fertilizer
    Watanabe, Y; Yamada, H; Ikoma, T; Tanaka, J; Stevens, GW; Komatsu, Y
  38. Materials Letters. 126 (2014) 92-96
    Facile ambient temperature synthesis and characterization of a stable nano-sized hollow silica particles using soluble-poly(methacrylic acid) sodium salt templating
    Virtudazo, RVR; Wu, RT; Zhao, SY; Koebel, MM
  39. Journal of Sol - Gel Science and Technology. 71[1] (2014) 1-7
    Preparation of gold nanoparticle-loaded silica gels and their localized surface plasmon resonance sensing properties
    Yanagida, S; Goma, M; Ogaki, T; Yasumori, A
  40. Journal of Solid State Chemistry. 215 (2014) 176-183
    Synthesis and crystal structure characterization of InGaZnO4 with a new defect structure
    Assenmacher, W; Schnakenburg, G; Michiue, Y; Kanke, Y; Kimizuka, N; Mader, W
  41. Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A - Physical Metallurgy and Materials Science. 45A[8] (2014) 3232-3240
    Development of Very High Strength and Ductile Dilute Magnesium Alloys by Dispersion of Quasicrystal Phase
    Singh, A; Osawa, Y; Somekawa, H; Mukai, T; Parrish, CJ; Shih, DS
  42. Research On Chemical Intermediates. 40[6] (2014) 2337-2346
    Enhanced collective optical response of vast numbers of silver nanoparticles assembled on a microbead
    Tokonami, S; Nishida, K; Nishimura, Y; Hidaka, S; Yamamoto, Y; Nakao, H; Iida, T
  43. Computational Materials Science. 90 (2014) 153-156
    Investigation on the effects of native defects on electronic structure in MgB2 by first-principles calculation
    Wang, CD; Qiu, H; Inoue, T; Yao, QW; Ma, YW
  44. Journal of Luminescence. 151 (2014) 1-10
    Investigations on the interactions of 5-fluorouracil with bovine serum albumin: Optical spectroscopic and molecular modeling studies
    Chinnathambi, S; Velmurugan, D; Hanagata, N; Aruna, PR; Ganesan, S
  45. Materials & Design. 59 (2014) 303-309
    Impact of ruthenium on microstructure and corrosion behavior of beta-type Ti-Nb-Ru alloys for biomedical applications
    Biesiekierski, A; Ping, DH; Yamabe-Mitarai, Y; Wen, C
  46. Surface Science. 625 (2014) 1-6
    Surface segregation of W doped in ZnO thin films
    Suzuki, TT; Adachi, Y; Saito, N; Hashiguchi, M; Sakaguchi, I; Ohashi, N; Hishita, S
  47. Journal of Materials Science. 49[14] (2014) 4698-4704
    Local plastic deformation in the vicinity of grain boundaries in Fe-3 mass% Si alloy bicrystals and tricrystal
    Tsurekawa, S; Chihara, Y; Tashima, K; Ii, S; Lejcek, P
  48. Ceramics International. 40[6] (2014) 8369-8375
    Beta-sialon phosphor deposits fabricated by electrophoretic deposition (EPD) process in a magnetic field
    Zhang, CN; Uchikoshi, T; Liu, LH; Sakka, Y; Hirosaki, N
  49. Journal of The European Ceramic Society. 34[7] (2014) 1741-1753
    Origin of extrinsic dielectric loss in 1:2 ordered, single-phase BaMg1/3Ta2/3O3
    Kolodiazhnyi, T
  50. Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. 14[7] (2014) 5130-5137
    Homeotropic Alignment of Dendritic Columnar Liquid Crystal Induced by Hydrogen-Bonded Triphenylene Core Bearing Fluoroalkyl Chains
    Ishihara, S; Furuki, Y; Hill, JP; Ariga, K; Takeoka, S

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