YAGYU, Shinjiro

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YAGYU, Shinjiro
Principal Researcher,  Semiconductor Device Materials Group, MANA,  National Institute for Materials Science
Email: YAGYU.Shinjironims.go.jp
Phone: +81-29-863-5517
3-13 Sakura, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-0003 JAPAN
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Other Affiliations
Assistant Manager, Corporate Strategy Office
Unassigned, (TBD), NIMS Open Innovation Center, EC Div.
Gender Equality Adviser, Human Resources Development & Graduate Program Office, HR Div.
Research fields
Keywords Surface Science, Local work function, Surface Chemical reactions
Publications NIMS affiliated publications since 2004.
Research papers
  • 兼松秀行, 生貝初, 黒田大介, 吉武道子, 柳生進二郎, 小川亜希子 : “熱処理合金化めっき法によるすず-パラジウム合金皮膜の形成プロセスと皮膜の抗菌性発現” JOURNAL OF THE JAPAN SOCIETY FOR HEAT TREATMENT(熱処理/NETSU SHORI) 49[5] (2009) 274-278
  • 柳生進二郎, 吉武道子, 知京豊裕 : “Cu(110)表面でのハイドロムコン酸の吸着状態” JOURNAL OF THE VACUUM SOCIETY OF JAPAN 49[6] (2006) 373-376
  • 柳生進二郎, 吉武道子, 知京豊裕 : “N-Acetylglycine のCu(110)表面での吸着状態と仕事関数” JOURNAL OF THE SURFACE SCIENCE SOCIETY OF JAPAN 27[7] (2006) 380-385
  • S. Yagyu, M. Yoshitake, N. Tsud, T. Chikyo : “Adsorption structure of phenylphosphonic acid on alumina surface” 4th Vacuum and Surface Sciences Conference of Asia and Australia APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE 256[4] (2009) 1140-1143
  • S. Yagyu, M. Yoshitake, T. Chikyo : “グルタル酸及び無水グルタル酸のCu(110)表面での吸着構造” 第47回真空に関する連合講演会 真空 50[5] (2007) 386-389
  • P. Ahmet, T. Nagata, D. Kukuruznyak, S. Yagyu, Y. Wakayama, M. Yoshitake, T. Chikyo : “Composition spread metal thin film fabrication technique based on ion beam sputter deposition” 3rd Japan-U.S. Workshop on Conbinatorial Materials Science APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE 252[7] (2006) 2472-2476
Presentations, others
  • Mar. 17-20, 2010 : 柳生進二郎, 吉武道子, Nataliya Tsud, 知京豊裕 : “Cu(111)及びAg(111)表面でのフェニルリン酸の吸着構造” 第57回応用物理学会関係連合講演会
  • Dec. 06-11, 2009 : T. Kim, M. Yoshitake, S. Yagyu, S. Nemsak, T. Chikyo : “XPS Study on Band Alignment at Pt-ZnO(0001)” international Symposium on Atomic Level Characterizations
  • Nov. 04-06, 2009 : 柳生進二郎, 吉武道子, 知京豊裕, KIMTaeyoung : “光電子収量分光における2次電子閾値の検討” 第50回真空に関する連合講演会
  • No. 3834642 “局所ポテンシャル障壁高さのパラメータ依存性測定方法” (2006)
External references
ResearcherID.COM (No.H-2882-2011)
Society membership The Japan Society of Applied Physics, The Surface Science Society of Japan, The Vacuum Society of Japan
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