SHIMODA, Masahiko

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Last Update : 2013/12/04
SHIMODA, Masahiko
Chief Researcher,  Surface Physics Group, Surface Physics and Structure Unit, Advanced Key Technologies Division,  National Institute for Materials Science
Phone: +81-29-859-2839
1-2-1 Sengen, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-0047 JAPAN [Location]
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Research fields
Keywords Photoelectron Diffraction, Surface, Quasicrystals
Publications NIMS affiliated publications since 2004.
Research papers
  • N. Nishiwaki, M. Shimoda, T. Konishi and S. Tsukamoto : “Green Chemical Catalyst Supported on S-Terminated GaN(0001)” APEX 2[5] (2009) 51002-1 DOI:10.1143/APEX.2.051002
  • N Hoshiya, N Isomura, M. Shimoda, H. Yoshikawa, Y. Yamashita, K Iizuka, S Tsukamoto, S Shuto, M Arisawa : “Development of recyclable and low-leaching palladium catalyst supported on sulfur-modified gallium rsenide (001) plate for use i” ChemCatChem 1[2] (2009) 279-285
  • H.R. Sharma, M. Shimoda, K. Sagisaka, H Takakura, J. Smerdon, P. Nugent, R. McGrath, D. Fujita, S. Ohhashi, A. Tsai : “Structure of the fivefold surface of the Ag-In-Yb icosahedral quasicrystal” Phys. Rev. B 80[12] (2009) 121401(R)-1-121401(R)-4
  • M. Shimoda, A. Tsai : “Morphology of Sn Films Grown on the Fivefold Surface of Icosahedral Al63Cu24Fe13 Investigation by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy” 2003 MRS fall meeting MRS Symposium Proceedings 805[1] (2004)
Presentations, others
  • Dec. 17-19, 2009 : 下田正彦 : “InAgYb準結晶と1/1近似結晶の表面” 準結晶研究会
  • Sep. 25-28, 2009 : 下田正彦 : “準結晶表面のSTM観察とクラスター構造” 日本物理学会2009年秋季大会
  • Sep. 13-18, 2009 : M. Shimoda, C Cui, H R Sharma, C. Pay, A. P.Tsai : “Surface studies of In-Ag-Yb Quasicrystals and 1/1 approximant” APERIODIC'09
  • No. 3929867 “基板結合型遷移金属触媒、及びその製造方法” (2007)
  • No. 3914979 “微細構造体の作製方法” (2007)
External references
ResearcherID.COM (No.H-2612-2011)
Society membership The Physical Society of Japan, The Japan Institute of Metals, The Surface Science Society of Japan
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