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Senior Researcher,  Adhesion and Surface Science Group, RCSM,  National Institute for Materials Science
Phone: +81-29-860-4342
1-1 Namiki, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-0044 JAPAN [Location]
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Publications NIMS affiliated publications since 2004.
Research papers
  • A. Shigetou and T. Suga : “Modified Diffusion Bonding of Chemical Mechanical Polishing Cu at 150 °C at Ambient Pressure” APEX 2[5] (2009) 056501-1 DOI:10.1143/APEX.2.056501
  • A. Shigetou, T. Itoh, K. Sawada and T. Suga : “Bumpless Interconnect of 6- $\mu$m-Pitch Cu Electrodes at Room Temperature” IEEE Trans. Adv. Packag. 31[3] (2008) 473-478 DOI:10.1109/TADVP.2008.920644
  • T. Suga, A. Shigetou : “Surface Activated Bonding - An Overview and Cu Direct Bonding” 2nd Workshop on Low Temperature Bonding for 3D integration Proceedings of the 2nd International IEEE Workshop on Low Temperature Bonding for 3D Integration (2010) 1-2
  • M. Howlader, H. Shintani, T. Suga, A. Shigetou, A. Yamauchi : “Development of a New SAB Equipment for Room Temperature Bonding” 2nd Workshop on Low Temperature Bonding for 3D Integration Proceedings of the LTB-3D (2010) 469-470
  • T. Suga, H. Shintani, M. Howlader, sawada kanako, A. Shigetou, A. Yamauchi : “高精度高真空接合装置の開発” 第24回エレクトロニクス実装学会講演大会 第24回エレクトロニクス実装学会講演大会論文集 (2010) 222-223
Presentations, others
  • Nov. 02-03, 2009 : N. Hosoda, A. Shigetou, H. Kakisawa, H. Fudouzi, N. Saito, T. Taguchi, M. Kikuchi, T. Ikoma, H. Yamada, K. Watanabe, H. Nakazawa, T. Nakayama : “Introduction of Interdisciplinary Cluster “Learning from Nature”” NIMS-MPI workshop
  • Aug. 29, 2008 : 重藤暁津 : “表面改質による低温接合技術” NEC 第18回実装技術研究会
  • June 10-12, 2008 : A. Shigetou, I. Shoji, T. Suga : “Low Temperature Bonding of CMP-Cu in Humidified Oxygen Gas at Ambient Air Pressure” International Conference on Electronics Packaging (ICEP) 2008
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