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Last Update : 2014/08/04
KOBAYASHI, Hisatoshi
Managing Researcher,  International Center for Materials Nanoarchitectonics,  National Institute for Materials Science
Email: KOBAYASHI.Hisatoshinims.go.jp
Phone: +81-29-860-4495
1-2-1 Sengen, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-0047 JAPAN [Location]
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Research fields
Research fields Prof. Hisatoshi Kobayashi is a group leader of WPI Research center MANA, National Institute for Material Science, Tsukuba Japan. He is also affiliated with several organization including Visiting Professor of Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan; Adjunct Professor, University of Allahabad, India, and Honorary Guest Professor of Denbandhu Chliotu Ram University of Science & Technology, India. At present he plays a role in President of International Association of Advanced Materials(IAAM) ; Councilor of Japanese Society for Biomaterials; Consultant of Global Healthcare Company, etc. In his academic carrier, he has published more than 150 publications, books, and patents in the field of biomaterial science and technology. His expertise is Biomaterial science, biopolymers, biodegradable polymers, Nano- composites, Nano-fibers, Ophthalmologic devices, Orthopedic devices, etc. His current research interest is cell-nano-materials, tissues-nanomaterials interactions. Based on the information, he is focused on design and development of highly functionalized biodegradable scaffold for tissue engineering, nano-composite for medical devices, etc.
Keywords Biomaterials, tissue engineering, corneal regeneration, biodegradable polymer, biopolymer, surfave modification of medical devices, nanofibers, nano-composites, nanomaterials-living body interaction
Publications NIMS affiliated publications since 2004.
Research papers
  • H. Kobayashi, D. Terada, Y. Yoshiro, Dae WonMoon, Y. Yasuda, H. Koyama, T. Takato : “Vascular-inducing poly(glycolic acid)-collagen nanocomposite-fiber scaffold” JOURNAL OF BIOMEDICAL NANOTECHNOLOGY 9[8] (2013) 1318-1326 DOI:10.1166/jbn.2013.1638
  • A. Tiwari, Swapneel R. Deshpande, H. Kobayashi, Anthony P.F. Turner : “Detection of p53 pointmutation using sequence-specific molecularly-imprinted PoPD electrode” Biosens. Bioelectron. 35 (2012) 224-229 DOI:10.1016/j.bios2012.02.053
  • D. Terada, H. Kobayashi, K. Zhang, A. Tiwari, C. Yoshikawa and N. Hanagata : “Transient charge-masking effect of applied voltage on electrospinning of pure chitosan nanofibers from aqueous solutions” Sci. Tech. Adv. Mat. 13[1] (2012) 015003-1 DOI:10.1088/1468-6996/13/1/015003
  • A. Tiwari, Mishra, Mishra, H. Kobayashi : “chitosan in therapeutics” Smart Biomolecules in Medicine (2011) DOI:10.5185/sbm-2010-01
  • Mishra, A. Tiwari, Mishra, H. Kobayashi : “Smart Biomolecules in Medicine” SMART BIOMOLECULES IN MEDICINE (2010) DOI:10.5185/sbm-2010-01
  • 小林尚俊 : “再生医療のデバイス化技術” 図解再生医療工学 (2004)
  • C. HUANG, C. Yoshikawa, K. Zhang, S. Hattori, T. Honda, E. Zawadzak, H. Kobayashi : “Fabrication of Shortened Electrospun Fibers with Concentrated Polymer Brush toward Biomaterial Applications” 1st international congress on advanced matreials 2011 ADVANCED MATERIALS RESEARCH 306-307 (2011) 58-62 DOI:10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.306-307.58
  • Akio Kishida, Seiichi Funamoto, J. Negishi, Yoshihide Hashimoto, K. Nam, Tsuyoshi Kimura, T. Fujisato, H. Kobayashi : “Tissue Engineering with Natural Tissue Matrices” 5th Forum on New Materials | CIMTEC 2010 ADVANCES IN SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY 76 (2010) 125-132 DOI:10.4028/www.scientific.net/AST.76.125
  • F. Tian, H. Hosseinkhani, Y. Yoshiro, G. G.Estrada, H. Kobayashi : “The Effect Of Diameter Of Electronspun Pga Scaffold For Biological Behaviour Of Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells” 7th Asian Symposium on Biomedical Materials (ASBM7) KEY ENGINEERING MATERIALS 342‐343 (2007) 237-240
Presentations, others
  • Sep. 16-19, 2013 : S. Hattori, Terada Dohiko, T. Honda, Kameda Tsunenori, Teramoto Hideshoshi, Tamada Yasushi, H. Kobayashi : “Evaluation of the fibroin nanofiber nonwoven mat as an artificial corneal stroma” Advanced materials world congress 2013
  • Feb. 21, 2013 : 小林尚俊 : “角膜再生治療の現状と展望” N IAS シンポジウム第7回「フィブロイン・セリシンの利用」研究会
  • Oct. 22-25, 2012 : H. Kobayashi : “Nano fibrous materials for tissue engineering scaffolds” ICEAN 2012
  • No. 5493215 “繊維片製造方法” (2014)
  • No. 5207265 “混紡型高分子ファイバーの製造方法及びその不織布の製造方法” (2013)
  • No. 5105352 “海綿状繊維立体構造体とその製造方法” (2012)
External references
ResearcherID.COM (No.H-2720-2011)
Awards Young Investigator Award of Japanese society for Biomaterial 1994, Acharya Vinova Intenational Award-2010, Advanced Materials Letters Scientist Award 2011, Advanced materials Medal-2013
Society membership Japanese society for Biomaterials, Society of Polymer Science Japan, TERMIS
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