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Deputy Director-General,  Research Center for Advanced Measurement and Characterization,  National Institute for Materials Science
Phone: +81-29-859-2818
1-2-1 Sengen, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-0047 JAPAN [Location]
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Other Affiliations
Chief Researcher, Neutron Scattering Group, RCAMC
Assistant Manager, Corporate Strategy Office
Unassigned, Energy-saving Magnetic Materials Open Laboratory, NIMS Open Innovation Center, EC Div.
Fileld Coordinator, Quantum Beam Field, Light, RCAMC
Publications NIMS affiliated publications since 2004.
Research papers
  • Y. Matsushita, F. Izumi, K. Kobayashi, N. Igawa, H. Kitazawa, Yukiko Oyama, Shogo Miyoshi, S. Yamaguchi : “Powder neutron diffraction of La-apatite under low temperature” Nucl. Instrum. Methods Phys. Res. Sect. A-Accel. Spectrom. Dect. Assoc. Equip 600[1] (2009) 319-321
  • N Terada, H S Suzuki, T S Suzuki, H Kitazawa, Y Sakka, K Kaneko and N Metoki : “ Neutron diffraction texture analysis for α-Al 2 O 3 oriented by high magnetic field and sintering ” J. Phys. D-Appl. Phys. 42[10] (2009) 105404-1 DOI:10.1088/0022-3727/42/10/105404
  • A. Dönni, H. Kitazawa, L. Keller, P. Fischer, P. Javorsky, F. Fauth and M. Zolliker : “Determination of frustrated and non-frustrated magnetic structures of hexagonal and orthorhombic TbPdAl” J. Alloy. Compd. 477[1-2] (2009) 16-22 DOI:10.1016/j.jallcom.2008.10.065
  • 北澤英明, 櫻井亮 : “磁性体薄膜” ナノテクノロジー大事典 (2003)
  • 櫻井亮, 北澤英明 : “磁性多層膜” ナノテクノロジー大事典 (2003)
  • M. Hase, YANG Tao, CONG Rihong, LIN Jianhua, MATSUO Akira, KINDO Koichi, K. Ozawa, H. Kitazawa : “High-field Magnetization of SrMn3P4O14 Having Magnetization Plateau and Ferrimagnetic Long-range Order” 9th International Conference on Research in High Magnetic Fields JOURNAL OF LOW TEMPERATURE PHYSICS 159[1-2] (2010) 28-31
  • T. Inami, N. Terada, H. Kitazawa, O. Yanagimachi : “Field induced incommensurate-to-commensurate transition in the triangular lattice antiferromagnet GdPd2Al3” International Conference on Magnetism 2009 JOURNAL OF PHYSICS:CONFERENCE SERIES 200[Section 3] (2010) 032022-1
  • N. Terada, H. Suzuki, H. Kitazawa, K. Kaneko, N. Metoki, J. Awaka, S. Nagata : “Magnetic order and interaction in garnet lattice antiferromagnets AgCa2M2V3O12(M=Mn Co Ni) and NaPb2Mn2V3O12” International Conference on Magnetism 2009 JOURNAL OF PHYSICS:CONFERENCE SERIES 200[Section 3] (2010) 032075-1
Presentations, others
  • Mar. 20-23, 2010 : 後藤敦, 清水禎, 端健二郎, 大木忍, 瀧澤智恵子, 加藤誠一, 北澤英明 : “半導体における動的核偏極技術の開発 IV” 日本物理学会2010年次大会
  • Mar. 20-23, 2010 : 辻井直人, 今井基晴, 山岡人志, 北澤英明 : “YbGaxSi2-xにおける超伝導特性の組成依存性” 日本物理学会第65回年次大会
  • Jan. 20-22, 2010 : H. Kitazawa : “Multiscale structures in the range from a picometer- to micrometer- size studied by neutrons” NIMS-DMSE Hanyang Joint Symposium on Nanotechnology
  • No. 4320382 “同位体超格子構造を有する半導体結晶を用いた固体NMR量子計算機” (2009)
  • No. 4120955 “超伝導ホウ化物MgB2の融液からの電析法による合成方法” (2008)
  • No. 4061576 “超伝導ホウ化物MgB2の融液電析合成方法” (2008)
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