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Last Update : 2015/06/12
GOTO, Masahiro
MANA Scientist,  Semiconductor Device Materials Group, Nano-Electronic Materials Unit, Nano-Materials Field, MANA,  National Institute for Materials Science
1-2-1 Sengen, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-0047 JAPAN [Location]
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Other Affiliations
Researcher, Materials for Thermal Energy Conversion Open Laboratory, NIMS Open Innovation Center, EC Div.
Researcher, Innovative Tribological Technology Team, Laboratory for Energy-related Materials, RC for SM
Researcher, NIMS-TOYOTA Materials Center of Excellence for Sustainable Mobility, External Collaboration Division
Researcher, Thermal Management and Thermoelectric Materials Group, IIMR, CMII
Publications NIMS affiliated publications since 2004.
Research papers
  • M. Goto, Y. Pihosh, A. Kasahara, M. Tosa, JonathanHobley, T. Oishi : “Pulsed Laser Writing of Coumarin 6 Molecular Micro Patterns on a Poly(ethyl-methacrylate) Film” J. Adv. Mater. 41[1] (2009) 13-17
  • M. Goto, A. Kasahara and M. Tosa : “Molecular Nanojet in Water” APEX 2[3] (2009) 035007-1 DOI:10.1143/APEX.2.035007
  • M. Goto, A. Kasahara and M. Tosa : “Synthesis of Polymer Nanowires by Pulsed Laser Irradiation” APEX 2[6] (2009) 065503-1 DOI:10.1143/APEX.2.065503
  • 後藤真宏, 笠原章, 土佐正弘 : “パルスレーザーを利用した分子配列” 超分子サイエンス&テクノロジー (2009)
  • Y. Pihosh, M. Goto, A. Kasahara, M. Tosa : “Photocatalytic Property of TiO2 Thin Films Sputter-deposited on Unheated Substrates” VASSCAA 4 APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE 256[4] (2009) 937-942
  • Y. Pihosh, M. Goto, A. Kasahara, M. Tosa : “Preparation of pyrene dots by laser implantation technique through different liquid interfaces” ICNME 2008 THIN SOLID FILMS 518[2] (2009) 896-900
  • M. Tosa, A. Kasahara, M. Goto : “Characterization of Lubricative Coatings after Exposure Test in ISS Orbit” 27th International Symposium on Space Technology and Science Proceedings USB for 27th ISTS 1[2009-r-2-36p] (2009) 1-3
Presentations, others
  • Nov. 04-06, 2009 : 土佐正弘, 笠原章, 後藤真宏 : “軌道曝露試験した固体潤滑剤被覆の性能評価” 第50回真空に関する連合講演会
  • Sep. 16-18, 2009 : 土佐正弘, 笠原章, 後藤真宏 : “マイクロ・ナノスケールの材料開発および強度特性評価” VACUUM2009−第31回真空展
  • Sep. 15-17, 2009 : 土佐正弘, 笠原章, 後藤真宏 : “固体潤滑剤被膜の軌道環境曝露試験” 日本金属学会2009年秋期講演大会
  • No. 3968433 “低反射材料とその作製方法” (2007)
  • No. 3864225 “真空容器内壁表面の改質方法” (2006)
  • No. 3837498 “酸化銅薄膜の成膜方法” (2006)
External references
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